Small Animal Nail Clipping & Grooming

I have over 15 years experience with Guinea Pigs, I absolutely adore them.

Me and my children used to keep,

breed and show many piggies, from pets, to longhair pedigree guinea pigs such as the peruvian and the lunkarya.

In that time , grooming was a massive part of guinea pig ownership, especially for those that were 'shown' around the country.

Although I no longer own any of my own piggies , I do still offer Guinea Pig grooming services.

* Nails trimmed £3.50 per piggie

* Shorthair pigs - Bath and nail trim - £7.50

*Longhaired pigs - Bath, hair cut and nail trim - £12

Please be aware that if you have a longhair pig that is very matted, you may be charged more for the extra time, or you may be required to have 2 sessions.

Rabbit nail clipping

Don't feel confident enough to trim your rabbits nails? I offer nail trims at £4.00 per rabbit

You can drop your guinea pigs or rabbits off to my home for grooming that includes baths, for just nail clips I can come to you. Please message me for quotes and details!