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Cat Visits

Kitten & cat care visits

Are you at work a lot?, planning some longer days outs? Or going away for a holiday?

Away from the home a little longer than expected and worried about your cat being alone for too long?

Here at Kellie's pet care services I can provide a pop in care visit, to see to your fur baby as well as give you peace of mind.

A pop in visit is exactly as it says, I pop in, check on your cat, clean litter trays if needed, top up waters, play, feed if needed, cuddles and attention, even give medication if it's a requirement.

I can even WhatsApp you to let you know your cat/s are ok.

All bookings get a free initial consultation, to chat about what you would like and to fill in all the relevant contracts and booking forms.

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Exotic care visits

Exotic animal care Visits

Are you going away and worried about leaving your exotic pet?

Here at Kellie's Pet Care services we offer a drop in care visit package to look after your loved pets while you are away.

We have experience of many pets of a different kind, we even have our own pet snakes, Bearded dragon, Geckos, Mantis, land snails! So you can be rest assured that your pet/s are in the best hands.

If you require more than 1 visit per day for your pet or for a longer time such as a holiday we will always do our best to tailor a quote suitable to your needs so feel free to send me a message to discuss.

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Small animal care visits

Busy at work all day or going away for a holiday/weekend?

Worried about who will look after your small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits.... etc

Here at Kellie's Pet Care services we can give you peace of mind and take away some of that worry, I can provide a daily pop in care visit to see to your pet/s.

A care visit includes anything your pet needs :- feeding, fresh water, spot cleaning, playtime and cuddles!

You pet will be well looked over by someone with experience and I can even WhatsApp you photos and updates while you are on holiday.

Prices are dependant on the size of pet and how many

Please message for specific quotes!

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