Overnight Pet Sitting

Perfect for multipet households

Are you going away on holiday or with work?

Don't want to pop your doggie in kennels but unsure what to do?

Have multiple pets in the same house?

Here at Kellie's pet care services I can provide overnight pet sitting on occasions.

This service is FROM £25 per night (per 24 hours), I stay at your home so your pets are not disrupted and anxious. We (Me and Sadie) will remain as professional as always of course.

This service will include me popping in and out through the day too (in between my regular day jobs) so your dog/s and any other pets are not left too long, but to allow me to complete other small jobs and see to my own dogs and family.

This Includes all care and feeding of all pets in your household and walks for your dog too if possible.

This also includes general house sitting jobs such as putting bins out, watering plants etc.

Your pets will get a first class service from us, and lots of attention and love comes as standard!

A pop in visit is exactly as it says, I pop in, check on your pets , let them out to the toilet, top up waters, play, feed if needed, cuddles and attention, even give medication if it's a requirement. 2 pop in's during the day come with the price, if any more are required they will be charged at the standard rate.

I can even WhatsApp you to let you know your pets are ok.

All booking get a free initial consultation, to chat about what you would like and to fill in all the relevant contracts and booking forms.

Example of price structure:-

* 2 dogs or 1 dog, 1 cat and any small furries, fish or birds - £25 a night

* 3 dogs or mix of 3 dogs/cats plus any small furries, fish or birds - £30 a night 

* 4-6 dogs or mix of 4-6 dogs/cats plus any small furries, fish or birds - £35 a night

* 6+ dogs or mix of 6+ dogs/cats plus any small furries, fish or birds - £40 a night