Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning

The service your pet will require will depend upon the stage of periodontal disease your pet is at. If your pet is at a stage 2 , then it may require 4 sessions before any results start to be seen.

If your pet is at stage 3, around 10-15 treatments may be required. This is because heavy tartar will need several sessions before it startes to break down and become softer.

Emmi-Pet toothcleaning is a non evasive, no sound, no vibrations and requires no anaesthetic.

It is estimated that 80% of dogs show signs of oral disease by the age of 2 without regular oral hygiene.

Regular Emmi-pet tooth cleaning effectiely combats periodontitis and gingivitis, oral cavity diseases, plaque and tatar build up and bad breath!

I would always advise a vet check up if you feel your pets teeth are at a stage 3 or 4 before commencing any tooth cleaning treatment.

A block booking of sessions is recommended for stage 2/3 as it can take up to 10/15 sessions for really bad tarter and plaque to be broken down, this will also promote healthier gums and the break down of bacteria causing bad breath. It is advised to do this over a course of 2/3 weeks for the best results.

Once the cleaning has effectively got your dog to a stage 1, it is recommended to keep up with maintenace sessions othersiwse the plaque and tarter will start to buiild up again.

If you have paid for a block booking and the teeth have reached stage 1 before the end of the sessions, the remaining sessions will just be transferred to maintenance treatments. maintenance sessions are more effective the regular they are, usually every 2-3 weeks. 4-6 weeks is also ok but you may find a small build up starting again on the teeth.


Price List

Initial assessment or 1st appointment - £25-  Price includes: Assessment of dogs teeth, Initial teeth clean and your pet’s own tooth brush head.

A brush head will generally last 20-25 sessions (sooner if chewed or damaged), New brush heads then cost £10 to replace.

Maintenance or Pay as you go

Following your initial appointment  you can then book ‘follow up’ Maintenance sessions. These can be as frequent or infrequent as you wish (No more than 3 months) but best results are optimum when you keep teeth cleaning regular.

£12 a session

Prepaid block booking

You can Pre pay for a block booking of 10 sessions, This includes the initial assessment, a new brush head and 9 follow on sessions. 

Must be paid for in advance.



if you then require more follow on appointments, you can pre pay for 10 sessions at a time for £100


What are the benefits of using an Emmi-Pet?

* silent and non invasive

* over time it can reduce the need for anaesthetic vet dentals

* no vibrations

* improves blood circulation and can prevent and cure gum inflammation

* Help against bad breath, the formation of tartar and periodontitis


This is my own dog Violet's teeth.

She has had 4 sessions using the Emmi-pet so far.