Cat Care Visits

Kitten & cat care visits

Are you at work a lot?, planning some longer days outs? Or going away for a holiday?

Away from the home a little longer than expected and worried about your cat being alone for too long?

Here at Kellie's pet care services I can provide a pop in care visit, to see to your fur baby as well as give you peace of mind.

A pop in visit is exactly as it says, I pop in, check on your cat, clean litter trays if needed, top up waters, play, feed if needed, cuddles and attention, even give medication if it's a requirement.

I can even WhatsApp you to let you know your cat/s are ok.

15 minute visit £5

30 minute visit £8

60 minute visit £13

I also give discounts if you require more than 1 visit a day.

All bookings get a free initial consultation, to chat about what you would like and to fill in all the relevant contracts and booking forms.